OTP Group

OTP Bank Serbia is part of one of the most successful group that has a long tradition of business and is one of the leading companies in Central and South Eastern Europe.
Currently, OTP Group serves around 11 million clients in nine countries, with about 33,000 employees and about 1500 affiliates.

OTP bank Hungary

OTP Bank is at the same time the largest bank in Hungary and the leading bank in all segments of operations in the Hungarian financial market.

Internet: www.otpbank.hu

OTP Bank Romania

OTP Bank Romania offers a wide range of financial services - customers of the population are the focus of the Romanian bank's.

Internet: www.otpbank.ro

OTP Bank Croatia

OTP Bank Croatia - the seventh largest bank in the Croatian banking market - the leader in the Istrian market.
In May 2017, OTP Bank Croatia purchased Splitska banka. It is expected that the process of merging banks will last until 2018. Until then, these banks will operate as separate legal entities.

Internet: www.otpbanka.hr

Internet: www.splitskabanka.hr

OTP bank Ukraine

As a step in regional expansion, OTP Bank entered the banking market of Ukraine.

Internet: http://www.otpbank.com.ua/enb/

OTP bank Montenegro

By purchasing Crnogorska Komercijalna banka AD, the leading bank in the Montenegrin market has become a member of the OTP Group.

Internet: http://www.ckb.me/pocetna.8.html

OTP bank Slovakia

Slovakia Bank, the first foreign OTP acquisition, provides a full range of financial services to its clients, primarily entrepreneurs and municipalities.

Internet: www.otpbank.sk

OTP bank Bulgaria

Leading to the banking market in Bulgaria, he provides his clients with a full range of financial services.

Internet:  www.dskbank.bg

OTP bank Serbia

From the. On May 21, 2007, a consolidated credit institution operates under the name OTP banka Srbija a.d. Novi Sad.

Internet: www.otpbanka.rs

OTP bank Russia

As a significant stage of regional expansion, OTP Bank purchased the "Investsberbank Group" based in Moscow, whose activity covers about 80 percent of the Russian territory.

Internet: https://www.otpbank.ru/