• Firm support for your business!
  • Refinancing loans and mortage loans for small
    enterprises and entrepreneurs


Firm support for your business! To support your company, we are able to offer you short- and long-term lending, as well as favorable loan conditions tailored to your business cycle.

  • Overdrafts
  • Revolving loans
  • Working capital loans
  • Investments loans
  • FX loans
  • Refinancing loans and mortage loans for small enterprises and entrepreneurs
  • Other types of loans: Bill discount Lombard loans covered with 100% deposit; Lombard loans covered with old foreign currency savings bonds; Foreign currency loans for payments arising from import of goods and services from abroad.
  • Credit line of the European Investment Bank

Interest rates

Interest rates and fees are established based on solvency, loan collateral, tenor and purpose of the loan.Interest rate for RSD loans is established as variable rate + margin of the Bank.

The margin is formed based on client's rating, in line with the Client Rating Rules. Client rating is performed by expert units of OTP banka Srbija based on the results of the analysis and loan risk rating.

Variable rate for loans in dinars is the reference interest rate on two-week repo transactions – reference rate of the NBS, whereas for loans in dinars with currency clause and foreign currency loans – three months EURIBOR.


Mandatory collaterals:

  • bills of exchange
  • promissory notes
  • contractual authorization for account blockade
  • endorsement letter

Depending on the placement amount, tenor and classification of individual client, the following are accepted as additional collaterals:

  • a creditworthy guarantor
  • first rank mortgage on real estate
  • pledge on movables
  • commercial bank guarantee
  • deposit
  • assignment of claims and/or
  • transfer of insurance policy