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Financial markets

FX transactions
Buy and sale of foreign currency under the most favorable terms and conditions!
Buy and sale of foreign currency every work day from 9 AM to 4 PM!

Forward transactions
Eliminate FX risk with a fixed rate!
Control incomes and expenses with clear planning!

FX swap
Protect your business against FX risk with a FX swap .





With us, saving is the matter of trust and best interests! With the help of calculator, calculate the income which you can realize by saving at OTP banka Srbija!


payment cards

OTPayment cards

By choosing payment cards of OTP banka Srbija, you choose a modern and practical way of using your money 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With debit and credit cards of OTP banka Srbija you can pay for goods and services in retail stores with POS terminals in a safe, yet simple manner.




Payment operations

As to its basic features, OTP banka is oriented towards international business operations. Developed corresponding relations with distinguished world banks guarantee a short and safe journey of your money.


payment cards

OTP Express

OTP banka Srbija, as a part of OTP Bank Group, makes a part of successful banking network present in the Central and Southeast Europe. As the result of inter-regional cooperation, OTP Express service is now made available to the clients of OTP banka Srbija.