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The day we met

OTP Bank sponsors the show "The day we met"

We started 2015 in the field of sponsorships and donations more than satisfactory. OTP decided to support by sponsorship Novi Sad SNP performance "The day we met" directed by Bozidar Knezevic. The premiere of performance will be on Thursday, January 29 at the Chamber Stage of the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad.
In its’ basic meaning the show is "real theatrical fantasy" about a meeting with yourself. "The day we met," uses a kind of pictorial letters to write (paint) its words and phrases (pictures) by motions – where the whole body becomes the voice box that formulates specific concepts and groups of concepts without any sound (with exception of sigh, cough, scream and similar).
Although scene language plays a communication code, esthetic criteria is crucial in its creation. Therefore, although informative, this language is completely devoid of information banality - and presents pure poetry.

Ese - Sonja Damjanovic
Eme - Milan Lazic
Voice - Ágota Vitkai Kucera