Opening FX accounts

Services of international payment operations are rendered by applying cutting edge technology and broad network of correspondents.
Opening of FX account in our bank is quick and simple, within the same day, and free of charge, and it opens to you the door for other, diversified services in international payment operations. Our team of experts will help you complete all the procedures quickly and supply you with precise and accurate answers to any question you may have.

Documentation required for opening of FX accounts

Once you have submitted the required documentation and signed the Agreement on opening and managing of FX account, the account shall be deemed as operative and ready for effecting the first transaction.


Over what amount a cash withdrawal needs to be announced?

Over 100,000.00 RSD, it is needed to announce the cash withdrawal 24 hours in advance.
For amounts over 15,000.00 EUR it is needed to announce the cash withdrawal 3 days in advance.