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FX transactions

FX transactions

OTP Bank offers its corporate clients to buy and sell foreign currency under the most favorable terms and conditions. The exchange of foreign currency can be performed every workday from 9 AM to 4 PM.

FX risk hedging

FX Forward transactions

FX Forward transactions

FX Forward transaction is a product which protects the clients from the movement of the foreign exchange rates (FX risk). The client is concluding forward rate by which he will buy / sell foreign currency on a precisely determined day in the future.

Benefits of contracting FX forward transaction are:

- Protection against the FX risk
- Possibility to control incomes and expenses
- The exchange rate is precisely defined and guaranteed on the agreed date in the future

OTP Bank offers these types of FX forward transactions:

-Forward transactions – purchase/sale of foreign currency for RSD with future value date. It is the exchange rate contracted today between a bank and a client agreeing to buy or sell some amount of foreign currency with value date in the future. - Covered forward transactions (covered or quasi forward) – purchase/sale of foreign currency for RSD where the client is obligated to settle its obligation on trade date of transaction, while the Bank settles its obligation on the value date of transaction. - Step up forward allows the client to purchase/sell foreign currency in line with his incomes (cash flow) and to settle his obligations in installments for an agreed time period.


FX Swap

FX swap transaction is simultaneous purchase and sale of two currencies with agreed rates with two different value dates. In the first transaction, the client buys/sells one currency, while the Bank sells/buys another currency from contracted currency pair. This type of transaction is intended for clients who want to protect themselves from FX rate risk - open currency positions (protection against the movement of the exchange rate), as well as to manage their foreign currency and RSD inflows and outflows.

The advantages of FX Swap:

- Protection from the FX risk
- The option of exchanging one currency for another for an agreed time period
- The client has the needed currency for his business at a given moment
- Management of the inflows and outflows of foreign currencies and RSD

Interest rate risk hedging


Interest Rate Swap (IRS)

An interest rate swap is an agreement between two counterparties to exchange future interest rate cash flow without exchanging principal amount. It is used for hedging of interest rate risk (potential changes-increase of interest rate in the future) and is intended for clients who have long-term credit arrangements.


Interest rate option (CAP)

The interest rate option is a contract that allows the client to protect against the rise in the interest rate by fixing the maximum rate that the client is exposed during the duration of the contract. It is intended for clients who have long-term credit arrangements.

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