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Why us

It is not bankers who are working with us, but creators.

People who live innovations, who have an attitude and a captivating energy. Every day we go to work with the aim to make the lives of our family, friends and neighbours nicer and easier. This is why we are moving boundaries. Both of ourselves, but of the industry as well. This everyday “movement” has brought us to a leading position.

Our clients are our partners, and their experience guides us in everything that we do. We know that the excellent customer experience in our Bank is provided only by employees who themselves have a great experience in the Bank. This is why we are tracking the path of our team members through all contact points with the Bank in order to make that journey even better.

In our Bank, we are altogether working on becoming number 1. To achieve this, we invest in employee development, because we know that constant improvement leads to success. Our programs encompass a variety of innovative methods, platforms and tools, as well as specific topics that we recognize as the backbone of development.

We celebrate successes together and reward results through a system of incentives, as well as annual rewards.

We strive to provide our employees with the “single bank” experience, as opposed to working in separate organizational units without mutual cooperation, and we introduce the principles of agility in our processes.

For years, we have been nurturing a strategic partnership with ICT Hub, a business and technology incubator that brings together people who want to successfully develop start-up projects, in order for us to gain new ideas important for development of our operations by exchanging experiences and knowledge with the IT community in Serbia.

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