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Trading with financial instruments

Trading with financial instruments

In order to trade with financial instruments the following must be done:

A broker or an authorised person will, after your order has been received, send you a notice on receipt of your order for trading. After checking the accuracy of the elements of order, the order is sent to the appropriate trading system. After the transaction has been executed, the broker will forward you notice on the execution of order.

Why should you trade with financial instruments with us?

With us you will be able to issue orders for purchase and sale that will be covered on the day of the transaction settlement (from the expected inflows from securities or monetary funds).

You may trade with financial instruments safely and efficiently, in line with your needs and at different investment modes: directly, within the Bank’s branch network, by telephone or by mail.

Information about the required documents for establishing a business relationship, please send your inquiry to the address broker@voban.rs

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