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Responsibility as the foundation of business

By respecting the principles of sustainable business, we achieve a balance between economic, social and environmental impacts and goals.

Sustainability as an imperative for successful business

The principles of social responsibility are integrated into the entire business of OTP banka Srbija. As part of the large banking group OTP Group, OTP banka Srbija applies high standards in its policy towards employees, clients, the local community and the environment. As one of the leading companies in the segment of socially responsible business, we are aware that we have a significant role and impact on the social and natural environment in which we operate. This is the reason why we base our business strategy to a significant extent on the principles of sustainable business through the realization of a balance between economic, social and environmental impacts and goals.

The strategic guidelines are deeply rooted in the Bank’s corporate values ​​and are implemented in accordance with the following priorities:


In each of these areas, the Bank focuses on different activities. In the field of integration of socially responsible criteria in business activities, the emphasis is on the creation of socially responsible products and services, transparency, business ethics and responsibility towards clients. When it comes to employees, the priorities are corporate governance, professional education and training, incentive and reward program and diversity policy, while in the field of environmental protection the emphasis is on reducing the consumption of resources that arise in business.

The Bank’s active contribution to civil society is reflected in its support for organizations and projects dealing with socially vulnerable and vulnerable categories of the population, as well as projects in the field of culture.


Creating innovative products tailored to the needs of our clients, measuring their satisfaction, as well as providing special financial support and incentives for vulnerable groups of clients are just some of the ways we contribute to the overall sustainability of the business.


Employees are our most important resource, which is why it is extremely important for us to provide them with a stimulating work environment that leads to their professional and personal development. Equal opportunities for all employees, respect for their opinions, questioning their satisfaction, nurturing team spirit, fair play relationships and professional ethics are just some of the important values ​​of our corporate culture.


By strengthening our suppliers and promoting sustainability in the supply chain, we contribute to employment and encourage the development of the local economy and local communities. We strive to maintain long-term partnerships based on equality and transparency.


In addition to independently initiating projects aimed at the well-being of the community, we are also involved in initiatives of wider social importance. Our priorities in this segment of activities are support for innovative projects and entrepreneurship, support for sports, support for projects in the field of preservation of cultural and historical heritage, contribution to financial education, as well as assistance to the local community, especially the most vulnerable groups. By joining local networks that promote sustainability as a healthy and desirable business model, we exchange best business practices and launch new initiatives. We believe that the successful development of the wider community requires the joint action of the business, civil and state sectors.


By constantly improving energy efficiency, responsible resource management and reducing the direct and indirect impact on the environment, we are implementing environmentally responsible practices. For us, economic growth is not complete if it does not imply a responsible attitude towards natural resources and the environment.

Innovation and entrepreneurship

Our Generator project is a long-term platform that brings together, strengthens and promotes initiatives and businesses that contribute to the development of innovation and domestic entrepreneurship.

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Supporting sport

Support and investment in sports and promotion of sports values ​​are one of the most important areas in the segment of corporate benefits of our bank.

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Supporting culture

Decades ago, someone in our bank far-sightedly realized that investing in cultural heritage and supporting the best individuals, projects and institutions in the field of culture is one of the most important and beautiful investments of the bank.

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Financial education

By increasing our financial knowledge, we are on the path to better management of personal finances. At a time when financial technologies are advancing rapidly, we want to give you the opportunity to get better acquainted with certain banking products and concepts and thus be more confident in making important life decisions.

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Helping the local community

We are aware that for the successful development of the wider social community, it is necessary to help the most vulnerable social groups. Therefore, we strive to help the activities of the civil sector, but also state institutions, through the realization of goods and monetary donations, mentoring support, support in the segment of promotion, corporate volunteering, contribution to increasing public awareness on certain topics ...

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By reporting on sustainability, we monitor the achieved results in the segment of set goals, evaluate our performance and define fields for improvement. In this way, we contribute to the improvement of the dialogue with all stakeholders.

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Olympic Committee

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Questions and suggestions

You can send your questions and suggestions related to the impact of our activities on the environment and society to e-mail address: esg@otpbanka.rs.

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