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Corporate agent, agent and underwriter

Complete support through numerous activities in these areas provided by investment services department

Corporate agent, agent and underwriter

Business communication between the company and the Central Registry is made exclusively through one of the members of the Central Registry whit which the issuer signed the Agreement on Corporate Agency. Great help in communication of the public company with the Securities commission and the Belgrade Stock Exchange can also be provided by a corporate agent of the company.

Investment services and activities department is a corporate agent for the issuers such as: Tigar AD, Impol Seval AD, Philipe Morris Operations AD.
A series of takeover bid, capital increase, first stock split in Serbia has been successfully finalized, as well as the first listing of the company at the Belgrade Stock Exchange.

Issuing agent services include organizing of offer and sale of securities.
Underwriter jobs involve organizing services, but also to guarantee the sale of a part (or the whole issue) of securities.

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