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Sinhro frilenser

An offer for freelance lump-sum taxpayers. We combined a set of services to create our Sinhro frilenser offer tailored to your needs and business habits.

Are you a freelancer?

Hired by local or foreign clients for projects of different durations? During each project, it is important to accurately estimate the necessary time and costs, both for performing the agreed job, and for completing the ongoing business-related obligations.

Even though you are a freelancer, you generate your income as a lump-sum taxpayer. In addition to unexpected expenses, this includes doing administrative tasks on a daily basis.

We want to make it easier for you. We want to simplify your freelancing business.

Let us present Sinhro frilenser – our offer for freelance lump-sum taxpayers.

Sinhro package

Easier daily banking through a unique set of services and banking products for natural persons and lump-sum taxpayers.

Save your time – complete all your banking-related tasks quickly, efficiently and easily, and save your money by paying only the price of one package.

  • Opened at the request of the client; included in the package price

Monthly package fee with Mastercard Gold debit card
495 RSD
Monthly package fee with Mastercard Platinum debit card and travel insurance
695 RSD

Foreign exchange transactions

Easier management of foreign currencies

There are no limits as to your knowledge and skills, therefore we made sure you receive your income seamlessly, even from foreign sources.


    Pausal.rs app

    One-click guide to administrative intricacy

    Because we know that bookkeeping and other administrative tasks are additional time and money consuming obligations for all lump-sum entrepreneurs, our Sinhro package provides you with a free 3-month use of the Pausal app (this offer is valid until the 31 December 2022) which can help you:

    Offer for Pausal application - first 3 months of free use - valid until the 31 December 2022. The period of free use starts from the day of registration in the PAUSAL application, and after the expiration of 3 months period, regular payment starts in accordance with the PAUSAL pricelist, which is available on their official website www.pausal.rs


      Moja preventiva (My prevention) - Supplementary health insurance designed to complement life insurance

      When it comes to health, you often consider visiting a private practice. Save up to 70% on medical services in private institutions with supplementary health insurance you can add to your Sinhro frilenser offer by paying a monthly premium.

      • Examinations without making additional payments or at favorable prices
      • Quick and easy scheduling of examinations
      • Save up to 70% on services of private healthcare providers
      • Life insurance included

      Is our Sinhro frilenser offer what you need? Use our online form to apply quickly and easily, and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

      Do you have any questions?

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