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When you know you are a professional in your business

For you who are committed to your business and whose professionalism implies efficiency and speed, without a lot of paperwork and waiting, we have created Sinhro - the package for lump-sum entrepreneurs.

Sinhro package

A unique package of products and services is available for your business needs and life plans, by which we will support you on the path of professional and personal success.

  • Opened at client’s request and included in the package price

Monthly package fee with Mastercard Gold debit card
495 RSD
Monthly package fee with Mastercard Platinum debit card and travel insurance
695 RSD

Favourable exchange rate always available for inflows from abroad

As a standalone expert, your business has no limits. Work with the entire world and realize your earnings smoothly with special conditions for EUR conversion.  Every time your receive a EUR payment from abroad, you will be able to exchange EUR to RSD at the exchange rate pegged to the NBS medium exchange rate. This will provide you a favourable currency transaction and the same exchange rate regardless of the payment amount. The exchange rate applied for selling foreign exchange to EUR is pegged at -0.3% in relation to the medium exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia for Sinhro users.

As a user of the Sinhro package you now have the convenience to receive direct quotations for all conversions over USD 5,000 and to exchange currency under the most favourable conditions on the market. In addition, a more favourable rate will also be valid for all your conversions below USD 5,000, in accordance with the official Bank’s exchange rate list as of conversion date.

The App for Lump-sum Entrepreneurs – “Paušal”

Because we know that bookkeeping and other administrative work are an additional obligation for lump-sum entrepreneurs that require both time and money, the use of “Paušal” app within the Sinhro package shall be free of charge in the first 3 months (valid until the 31 December 2022), enabling you as follows:

Find out more about the “Paušal” app. Offer for the “Paušal” app – free use during the first 3 months – valid until the 31 December 2022. The period of free use shall commence from the date of registering in the “Paušal” app, and upon the 3-month expiry regular payment shall commence in line with the “Paušal” Pricelist available at their official website www.pausal.rs

Lending Possibility

 Products such as overdraft, cash loans, credit cards, as well as long-term investments such as leasing for vehicle and housing loans are now also at your disposal. Please see our offer of the combined housing loan, contact us to inquire about the conditions and together we will find a suitable solution for you based on the contract you have.

Online Branch

Available in our e-bank app to solve all doubts without visiting the bank and outside its usual business hours via video chat with the banker.



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