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We have adjusted our offer to the nature of the manufacturing industry. At any time, we will provide expert advice and appropriate terms for performing daily banking and the promotion of your business.

Daily banking offer

Following the needs of your business, we have created two types of account packages that will give you what you need for everyday business

For easier operation and finding the best solution for your company, you have your personal banker at disposal. He can always provide all the information on daily banking and financial support for the development of your business.

Investment offer

For the users of the packages Praktik and Prestiž we have prepared an offer that can not be missed.[2]
We have created a special package of products under very favourable conditions tailored to the companies operating in the field of production.

Special package offer includes:

[1] You can see more detailed information on all packages on the page Account packages.

[2] Offer applies only to companies with an annual turnover above 20 million dinars.


Additional information on investment offer

Investment loan

We have prepared a special favorable conditions for you because we know that the production companies often need to expand production capacity, space, and continuous investments in order to modernize its technology and so follow the market needs.

  • The currency of the loan: EUR, in dinar equivalent at the average exchange rate of NBS on the day of loan disbursement
  • Repayment period up to 120 months
  • Grace period up to 12 months. The interest is also calculated and charged on monthly basis during the grace period.
  • Variable interest rate for loan indexed in EUR 4,95% + six-month EURIBOR
  • Fee for loan processing: 0,5% of the loan amount
  • Collateral: Mortgage and Bills of exchange
Representative example of investment loan indexed in EUR
Representative example for investment loan in EUR
Total investment amount62.500 EUR
Down payment12.500 EUR
Loan amount*50.000 EUR
Repayment period120 months
NIR annually**4,95% + three-month EURIBOR
Monthly instalment516 EUR
Fee for loan processing (1%)***500 EUR
Costs associated with loan approval, known at the time of publishing
Debtor bill of exchange250 EUR
Owner bill of exchange50 EUR
Debtor Credit Bureau report600 RSD for entrepreneur, 1440 for corporate
Owner Credit Bureau report246 RSD
Tax certification fee640 RSD
Monthly fee for current account****450 RSD
Issuing of real estate folio in the land register940 RSD
Real estate valuation*****11.800 RSD
Certification of pledge statement7.200 RSD
Mortgage registration22.020 RSD
Property insurance4.700 RSD
EIR annually 5,33 %
Total loan amount ( (principal, interest, costs)64.027 EUR
EIR calculated on06.05.2021.

* The Bank adjusts the outstanding loan amounts indexed in EUR with variations in NBS middle exchange rate for EUR each last day of the month, by applying the exchange rate valid on the respective date against the exchange rate that was in effect on the last day of the previous month, except for the first month when adjustment is made according to the exchange rate that was in effect on the day of loan disbursement. **The interest rate is variable and consists of a reference rate -three -month EURIBOR, as a variable rate, and Bank’ margin as a fixed rate, in accordance with Bank’s Tariffs. Variable interest rate is adjusted on the first business day of each month for the current month, in accordance with changes in the reference BELIBOR rate which, on the day of calculation of the example on 06.05.2021. was -0,532% on annual basis. ***On the total approved loan amount ****Included in the EIR calculation for clients who opened the account when applying loan *****Every three year reissuing of real estate folio should be done

Calculate your instalment on the assumption of the variable part of the interest rate change and/or exchange rate change

Access the calculator of the National Bank of Serbia here

Do you have any additional questions?

If you have any questions or concerns, our experienced bankers are at your disposal.

We have prepared favorable conditions for you because we know that in production companies it is often necessary to expand production capacities, space, as well as constant investments in order to modernize technology and thus follow the needs and flows of the market. If you have any questions or concerns, our experienced bankers are at your disposal.

Additional benefits and services to improve your business

We also think about the individual needs of you as a company owner

  • 50% lower account package maintenance costs for natural persons
  • Leasing for purchase of vehicles with reduced interest rates and with a fast approval process.
  • Mixed life insurance gives you the possibility to insure yourself and your family, and to save at the same time

Employees are the foundation of your company. Benefits that they have with us are:

  • Favorable interest rates for housing, cash and refinancing loans
  • Lower costs of loan products approval
  • Account package maintenance can be reduced even 50% or completely free of charge if you use your debit card for paying.


Do you have any additional questions?

Write to us using our online contact form, and we will contact you.

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