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Do you feel that collection process takes too long? We have solution for improvement of liquidity and creditworthiness of your company. Secure a competitive position in the market and accelerate the collection of receivables using factoring services of our Bank

What is factoring?

Factoring is a service where our Bank finances your undue short-term monetary claims arising from the sale of goods and services on the basis of creditworthy Debtors, whether existing or future.

Who are participants in Factoring?

What are the benefits of factoring?

What is the price of factoring?

The customer (assigner) of accounts receivable pays for all factoring expenses and they include the following:

With us you can also do:

Recourse factoring

It is a financial service where you as a buyer assign existing or future short term debt (incurred by a contract on sales of goods  or rendering service), while the Bank as factor undertakes debt. The Bank transfers funds to suppliers, and you make payment later, within the period agreed with the Bank. In this way you provide discounts and extended payment terms for your company, while your suppliers get current assets more quickly.

Supply chain financing

This is a special type of recourse factoring, which in fact represents a convenient way of financing outstanding receivables which are based on the creditworthiness of the customer.

For you as a customer this is a good option to improve your working capital, by extending payment terms to your suppliers.  On the other hand, your vendors benefit from the accelerated payment of invoices.

To make things even easier, our bank offers you a unique platform that allows you to, with direct access, easily and efficiently perform financing.

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