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DinaCard Business

You can use DinaCard debit card for cash withdrawals at ATMs and goods and services payments in the country.

Quickly and easily pay all your business expenses or withdraw money in the country at all places marked with DinaCard

DinaCard business card is a card with chip technology that is intended for all legal entities and entrepreneurs who have an open current account in our bank. You can authorize unlimited number of additional Dinacard business card users!
The card is valid for four years.

Funds available on DinaCard Business cards

The amount of available funds on the DinaCard business card depends on the amount of funds on your RSD current account, including the funds allowed overdraft on the RSD current account, within the monthly limit determined for each issued card.

Lost or stolen card

In case of card loss or theft, notify HelpDesk of OTP banka in the shortest time possible by dialling one of the following phone numbers: : 0700 480 048 or +381 21 4800 048 or +381 21 520 333.

Give us a call and your card will be blocked that very moment.

Do you have any additional questions?

Write to us via our online contact form and we will contact you.

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