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Safe Conduct on the Internet

Besides all the advantages that advanced technologies can bring, they unfortunately may also involve new ways of threatening Internet security, primarily in the area of Internet payments and electronic banking. For example, we have noticed the frequent occurrence of fraudulent actions on social networks in the form of fake surveys and prize games to which, unfortunately, some account holders and card users respond by disclosing their personal data, payment card details, electronic banking credentials and SMS codes, which may result in the defrauding of their accounts and cards.

It is important to know that OTP Bank will never ask its clients to submit their credentials for logging into the m/e-bank application, sensitive information about the card cards, SMS activation and transaction verification codes, and that OTP Bank sends all notifications to clients only through official communication channels.

We strive to regularly inform you of important service information in order to warn you and draw your attention on how to protect yourself when making payments on the Internet, using payment cards and electronic banking.

Also, there is an increasing number of ways to commit fraud on the Internet, which is why it is important that you recognize all forms of fraud. We would like to share with you some examples of fraud and recommendations on how to protect yourself:


Please find below general recommendations for protection:

In the event that you have acted contrary to these recommendations, i.e. there is a possibility that you have shared sensitive data with a third person, you should immediately call the contact center of OTP Bank at the number 0800232322 and request blocking.

For all additional information and questions, contact us at stanovnistvo@otpbanka.rs.

The video materials that you may view were taken from the Center for the Prevention of Incidents in IKT systems of financial institutions (FIN-CSIRT) of the Association of Banks of Serbia, with the aim of raising the awareness of financial services consumers, providing better information and creating a safer and more reliable digital environment.

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