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For the carefree years ahead

Voluntary pension fund

Voluntary pension fund

In the years and decades to come, provide yourself with the quality and style of living you have been accustomed to since your working life. If you are already thinking about where you can invest the money you’ve earned, it’s an ideal time for you to start contributing to your voluntary pension fund. Contributions to pension funds are more flexible than time-deposit savings, and with this investment you will be able to provide yourself with an additional source of income in the years ahead.” 

Without burdening yourself today, improve tomorrow’s quality of life

During the time when you are professionally active and when your career is advancing, give yourself the additional financial security by investing in a voluntary pension fund. Owing to a long-term partnership with DDOR-Garant, licensed agents for the sale of private pensions are at your disposal for private pension arrangements.

There are numerous benefits to investing in a voluntary pension fund, which is a form of long-term savings:


    The fund adapts to you and follows the rhythm of your needs and capacities

    Voluntary pension funds do not burden you in everyday life, but improve the quality of your future life:


      Voluntary Pension Fund Management Company DDOR-GARANT A.D.  BEOGRAD very successfully manages two funds: DDOR-GARANT EKVILIBRIO and DDOR-GARANT ŠTEDNJA.  Both funds are conservative funds whose priority is safety of investment, compared to investment profitability, and with a prudent investment policy, both funds achieve stable returns on invested money.

      The operations of DDOR-Garant are transparent and strictly regulated by law, and the conservative investment policy of the fund provides greater safety of assets while achieving returns in accordance with the assumed risk.

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      Provide yourself with extra income for carefree and peaceful days ahead. Call us or apply immediately for a private pension and complete the entire process online, without having to come to a branch.

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