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Direct debit and Standing order

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Direct debit

OTP bank pays bills in your name!

Keep forgetting to pay for your utility services. Sometimes you lose your telephone bill? We have a solution – bills for services, insurance, fixed and mobile phone will pay in your name OTP bank, by direct collection from your current account.

With order for direct debit of OTP bank you may pay bills for the following companies:

In order to activate your direct debit order for bill payment, you need to bring to a Bank’s branch the entire bill along with the payment slip issued by a service provider, which is necessary to activate the order.
You may also get an SMS message notifying you of whether your bill has been paid and in what amount, and you may get also a verified receipt on the executed order, at your request.

Standing order

What is a standing order with a fixed amount and date in a month?

Use a standing order for funds transfer from one account to another, inside and outside the Bank, at frequency and validity period of your liking. Signing up and using the service is free of charge, register at the nearest OTP bank branch!
In the standing order, the fixed amount and the date in month (frequency of payment and validity period) are defined when you want your standing order to be executed. Besides opening a standing order for RSD current account you may also open a standing order for your other accounts (RSD, foreign currency, and savings account), which means that by standing order you may execute internal and external RSD funds transfers and exchange operations. Apart from the above stated, a standing order may be used for payment of life insurance premium. Transfers of funds to the accounts within the Bank are free of charge, and for external standing orders commission is paid in the amount lower than the ones charged at the Bank’s counters.

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