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RSD refinancing loan with fixed interest rate

Repack the existing debts while taking extra cash.
Use the offer of 0% loan disbursement fee until 30 june 2024.

Calculate the monthly installment for the loan amount requested and the desired repayment period.

0 RSD Loan
0 Fee for loan processing
0 Loan processing fee amount
* the calculator is indicative only.

Izračunajte mesečnu ratu za traženi iznos kredita i željeni period otplate.

Upiši iznos kredita
Unesi period otplate
0 RSD Loan
0% NIR
* the calculator is indicative only.

Representative examples

Loan amount600.000 RSD1.600.000 RSD
Repayment period60 months60 months
NIR annually15,05%13,65%
Monthly instalment14.289 RSD36.938 RSD
Fee for loan processing (0%)0 RSD0 RSD
Costs associated with loan approval, known at the time of publishing
Bill of exchange100 RSD100 RSD
Credit Bureau basic report246 RSD246 RSD
EIR annually16,16 %14,55 %
Total amount of loan (principal, interest and costs)857.677 RSD2.216.596 RSD
EIR calculated on18.04.2024.18.04.2024.

Additional information about loan

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Main features of RSD refinancing loan with fixed interest rate

These conditions shall be valid upon transfer of personal income to account in our Bank. The Bank reserves the right to make a decision on the loan approval, as well as to request additional documents and guarantees. Special offer lasts until September 30. 2022.

  • You’ve always refused the possibility to be insured even though you know that life insurance, for you as a loan beneficiary, is an important issue in the life of your family? Arrange the insurance in a few steps and safely repay your loan. Think ahead.  For the amount you would spend on meaningless things in life, insure your life and the lives of your family members. In the event of unforeseen life circumstances, the insurance company will repay your outstanding loan balance. The insurance premium is paid by the insured (loan beneficiary) and it affects the amount of loan costs.

  • This insurance is intended for the bank customers who are users of loan products and want to be insured in the event of inability to settle the due liabilities under the loan agreement in the event of a loss of business. The insurance premium is paid by the insured (loan beneficiary) and it affects the amount of loan costs.


Refinance your credit obligations with another bank quickly and easily – without going to that bank. The National Bank of Serbia’s instructions enable you to simply switch the bank and refinance all your credit obligations by taking a loan from the bank whose conditions best suit your needs. We take over all communication with the bank whose loan you want to refinance, until the loan has been closed.

List of required documents

List of required documents
Certificate of employment and income

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