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Housing loan with combined interest rate

While you’re choosing your new home, choose and combine interest rates! Switch from fixed to variable interest rate and vice versa. Every three years you have a choice.

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Housing loan with variable interest rate

Easy to obtain home with our Bank housing loan with variable interest rate.
You made the right decision. Make yourself comfortable in your new apartment.

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Housing loans refinancing

With our Bank loan refinance housing loans granted by other banks, and thus reduce interest and instalment. Variable or combined interest rate - it’s up to you.

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Housing loan in RSD

Replace sublet rent with instalment for your own apartment. Your roof over your head - your freedom, without need for EUR exchange rate adjustments.

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Renovation and refurbishment loan

Arrange your home according to your taste, but also without much trouble. Enjoy the renovation of your apartment, whether minor repairs or large housing arrangement.

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