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E-bank, the bank only a click away!

All daily transactions are available at your computer without necessity of leaving your home or dealing with unnecessary paperwork. Not only will you exchange money 24/7, but we’ll grant you overdraft and cash loan online and simply.

E-bank advantages

A modern concept of banking created to make your day easier and to adapt to your way of life.

E-bank allows you to complete most of your banking operations in an easy and simple way, where ever and whenever you want, if you are at home, in office or on vacation, whether it's morning or evening.

  • Insurance for you and your family is just a few clicks away, wherever you may wish to travel.

    You get your policy without going to the branch office

    With the calculator on the application, you will know the price of the desired policy, before confirming the purchase

    The policy of up to 30,000 Euros covers all unexpected health issues while travelling, as well as unforeseen events during skiing abroad, for you and your family.

    All documents, including the policy, arrive at your e-mail in a few seconds

    If you are a user of the Prestiz package, you and your family are already covered by travel insurance within this package. Insurance within the Prestiz package does not cover skiing and you may purchase it via e-bank application.




Detailed information on e-bank advantages

Paying bills

  • Find a payee on predefined payee list
  • If a payee is not on the list, you can pay the amount you want using onetime payment password you can easily generate and using our free m-bank application.[1]


All information on your account

  • Available balance and transactions on your accounts in real time
  • Report on payment cards, available funds, transactions and cards notifications
  • Possibility to follow up loan balance, loan payments, repayment plans and loan notifications

Simple money transfer and exchange of money

  • Transfer of funds between your accounts
  • Transactions to natural person accounts
  • Buying and selling foreign currencies

Possibility of early repayment of Masterata credit card installments

  • Early repayment of Masterata credit card without going to the branch! Whether you are paying for the purchase in instalments without interest at our partners’ points of sale or with a 5% fee in other stores, you can early repay all your instalments via e-bank

Possibility of early repayment of the revolvin part of the debt under any credit card of our bank

  • If you wish to repay early the revolving part of your credit card purchase, you no longer have to come to the branch! E-bank now allows you to repay early all your dues

Purchasing international travel insurance that includes skiing

  • Insurance for you and your family is just a few clicks away, wherever you may wish to travel. Travel insurance covers activities on snow, so you can enjoy skiing carefree. If you are a user of the Prestiz package, you and your family are already covered by travel insurance within this package. Insurance within the Prestiz package does not cover skiing and you may purchase it via e-bank application

Budget managing and expenditure analysis

  • Graphic preview of you spending for easy follow up of cash flow
  • Monthly statements
  • Setting the limit for SMS announcements for transactions made with cards and payments to your account

Safe usage

  • Available information on the last logging date and time
  • You define monthly limits for paying via e-bank
  • Paying of bills that are not listed on predefined list is not possible without validation using code you can easily generate using our free m-bank application or Token device. In this way money on your account is protected from unauthorized transfer to a third party account

Recommendation: Change your password every 6 months.

[1] In your m-bank application, in Token section, just choose option Create payment code and after you confirm the request by typing your PIN, quickly and easily you get a onetime payment password. Use the password to confirm any transfer you want to make by e-banking, for the accounts that are not in the predefined list or to create your new templates.


Do you have additional questions?

If you have additional questions, write to us via our online contact form and we will contact you.

You want to know how to complete banking services completely online? Leave your contact details and we will call you back to answer all your questions.

Online branch – a range of services for high quality saving of your time and money

1. Approval of cash loan with fixed interest rate

In few steps get the desired amount of money at our online branch that allows for quick and easy online approval of cash loan.

You can get the loan by choosing monthly instalment amount that suits you or by choosing loan amount you need.

You can see more on online loans on the page RSD online cash loan.

2. Online approval of overdraft

If you need additional money on your account from time to time – we can simply and quickly approve overdraft for you also online, without going to the bank.

Approval of new or renewal of existing overdraft is possible using e-bank platform, whether previous was approved online or in branch.

You can see more on overdraft on the page Overdraft.

3. Online opening of savings account and creating term deposit

Simple and practical savings, just as you need!
Without going to the bank, open your savings account and create term deposit, safely and easily increase your savings.

More on online opening of savings account and creating term deosit you can see at the pages A Vista Savings.

4. Online creation of standing order

Standing order is available if you have a OTP current or savings account. The good news is that you can create a standing order at our online branch!

You can see more on standing order at the page Standing order.

5. Online video call with banker

You need additional assistance or advice for choosing and completion of banking services? Online branch team is available via live video call! You can make a video call every day of the week from 9 am till 3 pm.

Electronic banking services for non-residents

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Do you have questions?

Write to us via our online contact form, and we will contact you.

Technical support

You can call us on weekdays from 8 am to 8 pm and on Saturdays from 8 am to 1 pm. Toll free call.

0800 333 338


Enjoy your leisure time and time spent with friends and arrange banking transactions whenever convenient for you. Via mobile application check your account balance and transfer funds to and from your accounts, pay bills free of charge, exchange money 24/7, and much more.

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