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You can use DinaCard debit card for cash withdrawals at ATMs and goods and services payments in the country.

What can you do with DinaCard debit card?

As the only domestic card, with DinaCard debit card, you can make payments at POS terminals which have DinaCard sign and withdraw cash at the bank counters and ATMs in the country.

What are the advantages of DinaCard debit card?


    Want to change your DinaCard PIN code?

    Within the service PIN management, all payment cardholders (DinaCard, Visa, Mastercard) may change PIN cards at the ATMs of OTP bank whenever they want.

    Unified PIN code!

    If you do not want to remember several different PIN code numbers for your cards, choose four numbers that are easy to remember and define your own unified PIN code for all cards that you use.

    PIN code de-blocking!

    Did you block your PIN code at an ATM or a POS terminal? The following transaction at an ATM or a POS terminal, by entering correct PIN code, you will de-block your card.

    Useful information


    Things you should know

    Withdraw cash in Maxi and Shop&Go stores

    In all Maxi and Shop&Go stores, the “Podigni keš” (Withdraw cash) service is enabled, thanks to which you can also withdraw money from the cash register in the amount of up to 5,000 dinars with the purchase of goods.

    How to safely use a payment card of OTP bank?

    How to safely use a payment card of OTP bank?

    • Keep your card separately from your PIN
    • At the back of your card, you may find the telephone number of the Contact centre for reporting of lost/stolen or blocked card.
    • For safety reasons, the Bank limited the amount for the transactions, but if you would like to increase this limit call the Bank’s Contact centre.

    PIN code

    • Your card and PIN code must not be used by anyone other than you.
    • When you receive a PIN from the Bank you remember it and destroy the envelope with the PIN
    • If you suspect that someone knows your PIN, tell it to your Bank
    • When typing your PIN YOU MUST ALWAYS protect the keyboard with the palm of your other hand

    Card use at an ATM

    • If you see that someone near you is acting strangely or is watching you – abort the transaction
    • If you observe anything suspicious at the ATM (for example, additionally installed equipment) – abort the transaction and immediately notify the Bank
    • Do not accept anybody’s help, but use the ATM by yourself.
    • If your card is retained in the ATM for an unknown reason, do not step away from the ATM and immediately call Contact centre of the Bank in order to determine the reason for the card retention

    Card use at the POS terminal

    • If the POS terminal is remote, insist that a transaction is carried out in your presence.
    • If you suspect that the retailer is using your card in an irregular way or the data from your card have been stolen immediately report it to the Bank.

    Card use on the Internet

    • For paying on the Internet, we advise you to use reliable and well-known websites.
    • Do not enter your PIN, because PIN code is NEVER requested on the Internet; usually, you are required to enter your CVC (Card Verification Code). It is a three-digit number usually placed at the back of your card.
    • Before carrying out with the payment, verify that the browser safe code is locked and that the start of the internet address of the retailer changes from “http” to “https”
    • Consider particularly your payment obligations: is it a lump sum payment or a monthly fee that is going to be debited to your account each month
    • Never enter your card number through the Internet in order to confirm that you have won an “award” or in any other case in which you were not the payment initiator because it is most probably a kind of fraud

    Use services of SMS service

    • SMS service is a service for providing information about the carried out transactions and it contributes to a safer use of payment cards. An SMS message will be forwarded to your mobile phone to inform you about each transaction carried out with your payment DinaCard debit card.
    • In case you suspect of the card misuse, immediately after receiving the SMS message, notify the Bank and report possible card misuse.

    Lost or stolen card?

    In case of card loss or theft, notify Contact Center of OTP bank in the shortest time possible by dialling the following phone number:  +38111 30 11 555

    Give us a call and your card will be blocked that very moment.

    Do you have any additional questions?

    Write to us using our online contact form, and we will contact you.

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