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Mastercard® Standard

Debit card for your daily needs. With Mastercard® Standard, withdraw cash at ATMs and pay contactlessly both at home and abroad.

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Mastercard® Gold

Mastercard® Gold debit card with contactless payment technology allows you to easily pay and withdraw cash at all ATMs - in the country and abroad, as well as additional benefits.

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Mastercard® Platinum

With Mastercard® Platinum premium debit card enjoy the benefits of the contemporary banking. Make contactless payments, use it in the country and abroad and find out which additional benefits it offers.

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Mastercard® Fluo

With Mastercard® Fluo debit card for students make contactless payments, use it both in the country and abroad and get discounts from our partners!

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You can use DinaCard debit card for cash withdrawals at ATMs and goods and services payments in the country.

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You can manage card limits using the service within the Electronic Banking Service. You can also submit a special written request at the Bank’s branch to use the “no limit” option.

Daily limit for payment cards

Maximum daily limits are:

  • for Standard products: RSD 50,000.00 for cash withdrawals at ATMs and POS terminals, and RSD 200,000.00 for purchases.
  • for Premium products: RSD 100,000.00 for cash withdrawals at ATMs and POS terminals, and RSD 400,000.00 for purchases.


    Premium products, unlike standard products, are products that bear the label Platinum, Gold, Infinite, etc. in their name.

    If funds are withdrawn at the Bank’s ATMs, from the foreign currency account related to the debit card, the maximum daily limit is EUR 1,000.00.

    The maximum daily limit for cash payments at ATMs is RSD 1,000,000.00 if the funds are paid into a dinar account linked to the Card.

    The fee for cash withdrawals at ATMs and POS terminals of other banks is prescribed in the Fee Tariff.

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