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Praktik package

The combination of services and benefits that most of our users have chosen as their package, can be the ideal solution for you too.

Praktik package

Within Praktik package we have combined services and products you use most often and you need almost daily. It contains everything you would expect from a good current account package - at an affordable price of monthly maintenance.


    Package price on a monthly basis and package price with possible reduction of 100%

    395 RSD
    0 RSD

    Package price on a monthly basis and package price with possible reduction of 100%

    DiscountThe need for card spending on a monthly basisMesečna naknada za vođenje paketa
    50%25.000 RSD 395 RSD 197,5 RSD
    100%50.000 RSD 395 RSD 0 RSD

    By using debit card for paying in the country you are obtaining half price or even completely free of charge Praktik package!

    By reaching specified card consumption during one month, you meet the condition to have the reduction applied for a month. How is it calculated? The October consumption reduction, for example, would have been determined in November, and applied to the account package maintenance and services in December. The payment transactions processed and presented on the card monthly account statement from the 1st to the last day of the month are taken into account.

    It is important to know that the discount does not apply only in case when you already have an approved discount for the monthly account maintenance on the ground of another promotion.

    The convenience of reducing the monthly fee is valid until 30.04.2025.

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    • Standing order – For all utility bills that come every month, paying by standing order has proved to be real time and energy saver! In a single step and without much trouble, pay the bills for utilities, landline and mobile phone operators (Telekom, Vip mobile, Telenor), as well as for Mediana Niš.
    • You will have your Personal banker – Experience of an expert who can quickly help you or resolve your doubts and clarify the terms and conditions, is invaluable. Personal banker will always be at your disposal, dedicated to you and to your business.
    • SMS Service – system that allows you to check your account balance via SMS text message and, if you opt for, offers the possibility to receive information about payments and transactions made with payment cards. Within Praktik package, 10 SMS notifications per month about transactions executed using payment cards, are completely free.
    • IVR – Via a simple phone call check your account balance, transfer your current account and savings funds and, moreover, purchase foreign currencies.
    • Supplementary debit cards on demand – free of charge

    Good to know:

    • To open an account with the Praktik package, you only need a valid ID card.
    • If you have a card for payment abroad, you can make payments in any currency, you only need to have funds in your euro current account.

    Good to know

    It is good to know that you can easily replace your payment, dinar or foreign currency account opened in another bank with an account in our bank. All you need to do is sign an Authorization for the change of payment account in our bank, based on which we will communicate with the previous bank instead of you.

    The account change service is free of charge for natural persons.

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    Praktik is an ideal package for you? Apply via online form quickly and easily, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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