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Pay with your phone, by using the IPS QR code

Effect payment of monthly bills and when shopping simply and quickly - with IPS QR code payment, one more functionality of the m-bank application.

Within out m-bank application you may find a new functionality enabling you to quickly and easily pay your monthly bills or effect payment at points of sale without using cash and payment cards.

Payment of monthly bills in just a few clicks

From home or wherever you are, pay quickly and easily all bills on which the IPS QR code is printed. Just open the app, select the IPS option and scan the QR code from the bill. The payment slip will be filled in automatically, and you just have to confirm the payment or change the amount if necessary. 


    With the IPS option at points of sale, you can pay in two ways:

    IPS scan – option for effecting payment by scanning the QR code generated by the merchant:


    IPS show – payment option by the merchant’s scanning the QR code generated by you, within the IPS option in the m-bank app:


    In both cases, you will additionally identify yourself by entering the PIN you use for the m-bank application.

    You can use the IPS option at all points of sale with the IPS sign:

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