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When you know about OTP Junior card

Intended for children, made up for parents!

Mastercard® debit card for children between 11 and 18 years of age.

Why an OTP Mastercard Junior card?

OTP Junior card is a unique debit card on our market with numerous benefits for both parents and legal representatives and for the children that use it.  If you wish to prepare your children for a responsible handling of their personal finances and expenses, OTP Junior card is the right choice for you.

An exceptionally practical everyday solution allowing the child to independently make payments for its needs, such as pocket money, snacks, bookstore purchases, payments during school trips inland or abroad, online payments and money withdrawal from ATMs.

Easy control of spending

Set the daily spending limit in you m-bank application and enable your child to handle its own pocket money in amounts of your choice for withdrawal from ATMs, online or POS terminal payments (in stores, cinemas…)

Transparent insights into payments

After each payment made by the child, you will receive on your m-bank application a notification on the spent amount.   This will help you keep up with how and where you child spends its money.

Simple digital experience

Thanks to a simple link between OTP Mastercard Junior Card and the mobile phone, your child will be able to make payments by phone even if it has forgotten the card at home.

No memorization of PIN

No PIN required for payments of up to 4000 dinars, which means that the child can pay smaller amounts (for snacks, accessories or some of the daily activities) without having to remember the PIN code.

Additionally, it is good to know:

How to get the OTP Junior card?

All clients who opened their account at OTP bank may submit a request for the issue of an additional OTP Mastercard Junior card.  The only document you need to provide is a birth certificate of the child, or ID card of the minor, if available. You may get one card per child, and a maximum total of four cards.

Once you get your OTP Junior card:

  1. Install the m-bank application* on your phone
  2. Set the daily spending limit for the OTP Junior card
  3. Add the eWallet (for Android or Apple) to the mobile phone of the child and connect it to the OTP Mastercard Junior card. *In line with the rules of Google Pay and Apple Pay regarding the age of the child (16 years of age for Google Pay, 13 for Apple Pay)
  4. Follow the spending notifications on your m-bank application.
  5. Block/unblock the OTP Junior card in just a few clicks in case of loss

*All settings for the OTP Junior card are available on your m-bank application.

We show concern for our planet:

OTP Junior card is made of recycled plastic.

We have also prepared an OTP Junior card – Guide for children about debit cards, containing basic information about the meaning of texts and symbols on the card, on how to use the OTP Junior card on POS terminals or from a mobile wallet, what a PIN is, how to use an ATM, a few tips on how to make safe card payment online, what is a CVC/CVV Card Verification Code, what to do in the event of card loss…

You can download the Guide here.

If you wish to become user of the OTP Junior card, please fill in your details and we will provide you all the necessary information on how to get it.

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