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Allow me to introduce myself: I am your personal digital assistant, always available to chat. Ask me anything you wish to know, at any time, because I never sleep, I am always at your service, awaiting for someone to address me.

When you need a quick and simple answer, I am the right interlocutor for you, but I will also be happy to help you with choosing a loan, a package of services and with other more complex matters.

Communication with me is completely safe, so please relax and feel free to chat.

At the moment, you can find me on Facebook Messenger and Viber (I might open an Instagram account when I make some cool pictures 😎).

Join me on the Viber channel of OTP banka


Feel free to download stickers I have prepared here just for you, you will like them!

I will do my best to answer all your questions, and if you are interested in what specific topics and functionalities I manage, here are some I would like to single out:


    If necessary, I will happily redirect you to a colleague – I am not a Chatbot with ego issues! 😊

    Since you are already here, please read the interview I gave to some fine people from the Bank.

    1. What is a Chatbot? How would you describe yourself?

    I’m an intelligent digital assistant, i.e. an AI-based Chatbot. I do not boast with my intelligence, it’s a fact.

    2. On which channels can people, who wish to talk to you, find you?

    I am currently available on Facebook Messenger and Viber. You just need to send a message and desired question.

    3. Is there a certain scheme that should be followed when communicating with a Chatbot?

    No, but it is great when people are clear and concise. I invite our current (and future) clients to feel free and ask me anything that interests them regarding the Bank. If they currently have no bank-related question, I can always tell a joke. 😀

    4. How can people register for the Chatbot service?

    No registration is required for the latest news and general information. However, if one wishes to use financial services (e.g. account balance), registration is required with necessary data input by following instructions.

    5. Are there certain fees or a monthly subscription?

    Use of Chatbot is free-of-charge.

    6. What languages does OTI understand?

    I currently understand and am fluent in English and in Serbian. I also know a word or two in Spanish, from the TV shows.

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