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Misuse prevention

Payment card

Keep your card in the wallet or some other safe place

Keep your card separately from your PIN

Magnetic strip at the back of your card is very sensitive, so pay attention not to damage it physically (scratches) and keep it away from the source of electromagnetic radiation, moisture, heat


PIN is exclusively your Personal identification number which represents your electronic signature at an ATM and some POS terminals.

You card and PIN code must not be used by anyone else

When you receive PIN from the Bank remember it, and then destroy the envelope with the PIN

Never write down your PIN (at the back of your card, on the papers or documents you carry around)

If you suspect that someone knows your PIN, tell it to your Bank

When using an ATM, protect with your body the screen while you are making a choice from the screen display, and when typing your personal identification number (PIN) protect the ATM keyboard with the palm of your other hand

ATM use

When using an ATM, you should pay attention of the environment and the people around you:

If you see that someone near you is acting strangely, pushing you or watching (or is trying to watch) the transaction at the ATM over your shoulder or something like that – abort the transaction

If you observe anything suspicious at the ATM (for example, additionally installed equipment, box for flyers and advertising material) – abort the transaction and immediately notify about it the nearest branch of the Bank

When using an ATM, do not accept anybody’s help. If you are not sure how to use an ATM, talk to the Bank and you shall get all necessary information and instructions

When your transaction has been successfully finished, place the money, card and the slip (receipt) into your wallet or bag

If your card is retained in the ATM, report it immediately to your Bank

Use at the POSs

Keep your card in sight while carrying out the transaction, especially in places where the POS terminals are not placed by the cash register but further off, as in a restaurant or in certain shops.

If a POS terminal is remote, insist that a retailer carries out the transaction exclusively in your presence.

For all the transactions you have made at POS terminals, a retailer must, along with the fiscal receipt, give you a receipt (slip) from POS terminal. Be sure to compare the amounts from the fiscal receipt and a POS terminal receipt, because they must be identical.

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