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Strength is in togetherness

We share success with the community in which we operate

Helping vulnerable social groups

We are aware that for the successful development of the wider social community, it is necessary to help the most vulnerable social groups. Therefore, we strive to help the activities of the civil sector, but also state institutions, through the realization of goods and monetary donations, mentoring support, support in the segment of promotion, corporate volunteering, contribution to raising public awareness on certain topics… We firmly believe that healthy and prosperous societies are based on constructive cooperation between the business, civil and state sectors.

Donations during the Covid pandemic 19

Solidarity is now of immeasurable importance and that is why OTP banka called on its clients to help the health care system financially if they are able. To facilitate the process, the Bank has included the RHIF account in predefined templates within its e-banking application.

In order to protect clients and employees, the Bank has taken the prescribed measures by the World Health Organization since the beginning of the pandemic. In order to act more responsibly during the fight against the coronavirus, the Bank directs its clients to contactless and digital services, which are available to them 24/7 and which they can use from their homes.

Given the need to involve the business sector in addressing the serious challenges facing our healthcare system, we were among the first to respond to the UNICEF initiative and donate funds to purchase respirators. Thanks to the joint efforts of UNICEF and numerous companies, 50 respirators, protective equipment and hygiene packages worth $500,000 were purchased. Vehicle worth over
3 million dinars was donated to the Torlak Institute for Virology, Vaccines and Serums in order to speed up testing at a crucial moment for the health system. At the local level, financial assistance is directed to vulnerable health institutions throughout the country. Also, we have independently allocated significant funds to help primarily health care institutions in all five business regions in which the Bank operates.

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Help for adults and children suffering from malignant diseases

So far, we have realized numerous donations for associations that deal with improving the quality of life of oncology patients. We would like to single out the cooperation with the association NURDOR (National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer), as well as the association Belhospice, which is dedicated to palliative oncology patients.

pruzi korak nurdor

UNICEF Friends Club

The Bank is a long-term member of the UNICEF Friends Club in the desire to contribute to better conditions for early growth and development of all categories of children in the country by supporting their programs.

Inclusion of children with mental and intellectual disabilities

In order to contribute to inclusion and create better educational conditions for children with mental and intellectual disabilities, we supported the initiative of the “B92 Fund” and donated funds for the purchase of modern, stimulating teaching aids for two schools in the country where children with this type of disability are educated.

Support for children without parental care

We support the work of the SOS “Children’s Village” association with the desire to help create better and equal conditions for the early development of children without parental care, as a particularly vulnerable social group.

Social entrepreneurship - Generator of good deeds

In order to strengthen the competitiveness of Serbian entrepreneurship and encourage this branch, the Generator was launched in 2017 – a platform that brings together under one roof initiatives and activities that together with partners encourage innovative entrepreneurial ventures.

Social entrepreneurship, i.e. the social economy is a big topic of the modern age. Social entrepreneurs do business with the idea of ​​fulfilling a certain social mission through the profits they earn. They usually invest part or all of their business profits in community development through the employment of people who have difficulty finding work (people with disabilities, young people, women, people over the age of 50, the Roma, etc.). By investing in these producers and inclusive centres through such projects, OTP banka believes that it will contribute to the overall picture of social entrepreneurship and influence its visibility, which will encourage other branches to support them and provide assistance when they need it.

At the end of 2019, the Generator of Good Deeds initiative was launched, which supports social entrepreneurship and the producers who create within it.

In our office building, we not only hosted and met several manufacturers – Kitchen on Wheels, Super Bake, Bagel Bejgl, ZaDruga, Radanska Ruža and Evo ruka, whose products we tried together, bought and thus supported people from different socially sensitive categories, but we promoted them through the media and our channels. This is not the end of this activity, but the support for socially responsible and social enterprises, as well as those who care about the environment, continued in 2021 with the aim of providing support and promotion to all participants through the Generator site, social networks, sales campaign and traditional media especially in these difficult business conditions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Generator of good deeds

Our Belgrade in the spirit of solidarity with the most endangered #zanašebeograđane

More than a decade ago, when the first traditional action “Our Belgrade” was organized, this traditional day of volunteering continues to inspire business engagement and support to local communities in an innovative and efficient way. So far, volunteer actions organized by the Responsible Business Forum have gathered over 3,500 employees from more than 30 companies and directly improved the quality of life for over 11,000 fellow citizens from vulnerable social groups.

OTP banka nurtures the culture of employee volunteering and traditionally responds to humanitarian events “Our Belgrade”. The last in a row in 2020 gathered representatives of the Forum members to prepare meals for vulnerable categories of the population, and a large number of deliciously prepared meals delighted our fellow citizens – sellers of Liceulice magazine.

Bank volunteers in the action of greening Novi Sad

Volunteers of our Bank participated in the action of planting trees organized by the City of Novi Sad within the campaign “For a new greener Novi Sad”. Our Bank joined the initiative and donated 15 trees that were planted along Branislava Borota Street in Novi Sad.

The goal of the initiated action is to create a humane, green city infrastructure through greening with trees and other greenery of as many city areas as possible. In accordance with our strategic commitment, we gladly join all public initiatives aimed at improving the environment.

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