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Experience of our empoyee

Experience of our employee Vesna Zekić

The Manager of the Belgrade branch, Vesna Zekić, has been in the Bank since 2007. She looked back at her professional development and told us about her development path to becoming a regional manager, revealing the details of doing business and working with people in teams:

I have been a member of OTP bank for more than 13 years. When many hear this, they ask me how to this date I haven’t felt the need to change my job all these years. To my great satisfaction, there were many changes, without having to change my employer. Currently, I am at the position of the Belgrade Branch Manager, responsible for several su-bbranches, and this is my sixth position in the Bank. I started my career as a PI Relationship Advisor, and after less than a year I assumed the position of working with SBB clients and spent four years at this position. For the same number of years I was an Internal Control Advisor, and then four more years at the position of a Branch Manager. For me it was significant that these changes of job positions happened at a point when I realised my entire potential at a position I held at the time. I am really happy that I had the opportunity to constantly learn all these years, gain new knowledge and grow and develop professionally together with the system in which I am working. Neither the Bank nor I look like the 2007 versions, when I started. The good thing is that all changes which occurred happened for the better, and what is great is the fact that positive changes and growth of our team are continuing.

It is a miracle what people can achieve if they believe in themselves! I am of the opinion that for all of us it means greatly when we receive support and assistance for everyday progress in our work. For me, good relations between colleagues mean nurturing respect and trust in team members, emphasizing their achievements and successes. One must never miss the chance to praise progress and success! Good interpersonal relationships result in individual development of team members, reinforcing their self-confidence and winning mentality, all of which together lead to excellent team results.

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