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Growing Sale Just a Click Away, with E-Commerce

Boost your sale performance and cut your expenses. Introduce the option of products, merchandize and services purchase by payment card at your internet point of sale. Join the trade segment that is steadily on the rise!

Why e-commerce service of our Bank?

Whether you are a large, small or quite micro company, allow your customers to pay for their orders instantly with online payment cards! Click the link that best describes your needs:


    Enjoy many new benefits by using e-commerce:

      How to get e-commerce service?

      To file an application for activating acceptance of card payment services at internet points of sale, you need to open a current account at our Bank, and to confirm a 12-month company business history by providing registration date at the Business Register Agency.


      1. The Bank analyzes the business model provided by the merchant, establishes whether formal conditions have been met, and proceeds with conclusion of e-commerce service.
      2. The Merchant then receives a test package allowing the performance of transactions and access to the internet portal in a test environment, as well as the use of test payment cards.
      3. With our support and, optionally, with the assistance of certified integrators, the merchant then tests the application on its website’s test environment.
      4. The Merchant then received production e-commerce credentials, registers in payment systems of VISA, MasterCard and Dina and may then accept transactions made by payment cards on its website.

      You already have your webshop, but want a better service?

      Do you want better service for your webshop?

      Enable your customers to pay for their orders instantly with online payment cards!

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        Want your online store but don't know where to start?

        If You don't know where to start?

        If you have questions or doubts about where to start, feel free to contact us.

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          Want to charge customers online, but don't need a website?

          Pay by link service

          Grow your business with Pay by Link service, online payment via SMS or email. Offer your customers the benefits of online shopping, regardless of site and online store.

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            What do your customers get?

            Safety Guarantee

            The bank implements 3D Secure technology as extra merchant protection, which involves additional authentication methods of buyers – users of payment card (MasterCard Secure Code and Verified by VISA). The Merchant thus protects himself and prevents possible abuse of payment cards at the internet point of sale.

            3D Secure

            Increase the success of your sales, join the growing world of trade!

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