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Whether you need loan for daily liquidity of the company, loan for working capital, investment in office space or refinancing loan - we are with you. For business developing in a healthy pace.

1. Current Account Overdraft

You need funds for daily liquidity?

Current account loan is a company current account overdraft. It is a solution that allows you to overcome the current imbalances in inflows and outflows in the current business.

Funds can be used at any time, without notice. Interest is paid only for the days of using the overdraft, which allows you to have direct control over interest costs related to this product.

2. Working capital refinancing loan

The loan is intended for procurement of working capital and settlement of obligations to suppliers

Revolving loan allows you the flexibility to borrow funds in a defined amount up to the allowed limit, and to repay the loan in case of surplus. Interest is charged only for the used amount of the loan.

When you use the loan repaid in installments, you can withdraw all the funds up to the limit, and repay it in equal installments.

The advantages of loans for working capital are primarily in the lower interest rate and easier approval process and lower costs.

Our experienced bankers are at your disposal. Lets find the most appropriate solution for you together.

3. Discount loans

Discount loans are a type of loans for working capital with repayment period up to 12 months.

The major difference compared to other loans intended for finance of working capital is that the loan funds are released upon submitted invoices from suppliers with whom the Bank has signed a cooperation agreement, directly to their account.

Due to the particularity of cooperation with suppliers with whom the bank has signed a cooperation agreement, you have the ability to get a loan at a lower interest rate.

4. Investment loans

Investment loans are intended for purchase of equipment, purchase of office space, adaptation of the existing office space and expanding of capacities and for similar long-term projects.

The main advantage of these loans is long term financing, and our team of experts is at your disposal for consulting about your business plans.

Our experienced bankers are at your disposal. Lets find the most appropriate solution for you together.

5. Multi-purpose credit line

Multi-purpose credit line is intended for the clients that have a need to use different products within the approved limit

How is the multi-purpose credit line used?

Depending on creditworthiness, a limit is granted within which you have the possibility to easily use a variety of products according to your needs, as follows:

To withdraw a loan tranche or documentary product it is sufficient to submit the appropriate application.

What are the benefits of the multi-purpose credit line?

Do you have any additional questions?

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