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We render services of Depositary operations for UCITS funds, Custody Bank services for Pension funds, additional investment services related to keeping and administering financial instruments and related money assets and other ancillary services.

The services we render :

Additional conveniences


  • For your new purchases you may automatically use the funds stemming from executed but not settled sales. This service will enable you to react promptly to changes in stock market prices, because you do not have to wait for the transaction settlement.


  • This web service Is intended to broker companies. It enables a unique “on line” inspection of balance and availability of the fund of mutual clients. It considerably saves your time and increases the efficiency and the speed of issuing order for brokers and investors. You may access this service by clicking on the link


  • The service foreign currency funds conversion (EUR and USD) from the special purpose accounts for covering RD transactions on the Belgrade stock market. Our ”Custody rate” is the official mean rate of the NBS on the day of conversion decreased for 1,25%.


  • By using the services and the network of global and local sub-depositors, we provide the investors the access to regional and leading world stock markets.

Useful information

Required documentation

For natural persons – residents personal document for inspection.

Information about the required documents for legal entities and non-residents please send your inquiry to the address

Operating rules

Operating Rules with voluntary pension funds, valid from 30.04.2021.
Operating rules of Depositary, applicable from 28.05.2021.
Operating rules of depositary, valid till 27.05.2021.


Tariff list of Depositary, valid from 05.05.2021.
Tariff list of CUSTODY BANK, valid from 05.05.2021


OTP banka a.d. Novi Sad

Custody Services (Business relations and tariffs)

Trg slobode 7
21000 Novi Sad (PAK 400471)
Republic of Serbia
Tel: +38121 4886 718; 717; 716; 715; 710; 705
Fax: + 38121 6613 283
e-mail: custodysales@voban.rs


Depositary (UCITS funds):

Bulevar oslobođenja 80
21000 Novi Sad (PAK 400471)
Republic of Serbia
Tel: +38121 4802 965; 4802-964; 4802-963; 4802-962; 4802-961; 4802-959

Working hour

Monday – Friday 08:00 – 16:00

Archive-UCITS Depositary

Operating rules of Custodian bank, valid from 26.04.2019.
tariff list of Custodian bank, valid from 26.04.2019.

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