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Visa Business Credit

International credit card mostly used as an alternative for loan or overdraft

What is Visa business card suitable for?

It is very smart solution in the situations such as:


Card features

A Business credit card account is tied to a specific credit limit, regardless of the balance on current account of the company. That way, you and your employees are enabled easily flexible cashless payment, with easy money management and better cost control. The number of cards that can be used per account is not limited, and the limit per each card you specify yourself within predefined categories.

Repayment types

Revolving repayment

Revolving repayment option  gives you the possibility of paying in through revolving loan model with the possibility of minimal repayment in the amount 5% of total consumption. The amount of the instalment, in addition to the selected percentage of funds spent, includes associated interest and fees, if any. [1]

Charge repayment

Charge option  allows you deferred payment without interest, when all that was spent in the previous calendar month matures on the 15th of the following month. [2]

The selected method of repayment applies to all card holders within a company.

[1] The charges include fees for using a card abroad, cash withdrawal and balance inquiry at an ATM.

[2] With fees, if any.

Lost or stolen card?

In case of card loss or theft, notify Contact Center of OTP bank in the shortest time possible by dialling the following phone number:  +38111 30 11 555

Give us a call and your card will be blocked that very moment.

Visa business credit is a very practical solution in situations such as: business trips, costs in hotels and restaurants and, the purchase of ancillary equipment.

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