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Investment loan up to 5 years

Choose the frequency of repayment
Up to one year grace period
So that your household may grow!

With favourable interest rate and many benefits such as the possibility to choose the dynamics of interest rate and principal repayment, a grace period of up to one year, do not postpone your plans any longer – may your household grow at the dynamics you want.

Choose how you will repay the loan:


    Useful information

    Purpose of loan

    Investment loan of OTP bank enables quick and easy investments:

    • Buying of a new or used agricultural machinery (tractor, harvester, picking harvester,…)
    • Buying of cattle (heifers, calves, pigs, sheep,…)
    • Construction of a hothouse and a greenhouse
    • Construction of an irrigation system
    • Development of the organic fruit and vegetable production
    • Reconstruction and construction of buildings (silo, stables, quarantine buildings for imported cattle, cold store, and the like)
    • Buying of farming land, etc.


      Terms of crediting

      • Repayment period up to five years
      • Maximal loan amount EUR 1.000.000*
      • Grace period up to one year
      • Choice of the principal repayment: monthly, on a three-month or six-month basis
      • Repayment of interest: monthly or on a three-month basis
      • Loan approval is possible in RSD without a currency clause, as well as in RSD indexed in EUR. For loans in RSD indexed in euros, the loan is disbursed and repaid in dinars at the middle exchange rate of the NBS
      • Minimum participation 20% of the investment value
      • open account in OTP bank


        Loan collateral

        • Bills of exchange
        • Depending on the amount of the placement, repayment period, rating of individual client, the following is excepted as additional collateral:
        • Creditworthy guarantor
        • 1st rank mortgage on real estate
        • Pledge on movable property
        • Other collateral


          NBS reference interest rate

          Current values of the NBS reference interest rate, as well as the values of BELIBOR and EURIBOR are updated on a daily level.

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