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Fixed-term savings when you know what you are saving for

Special offer of favorable interest rates
For new deposits from 16.04.2024 to
15.05.2024, for term deposits

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When you know about OTP Junior card

Intended for children, made up for parents!

Mastercard® debit card for children between 11 and 18 years of age.

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Praktik package

The combination of services and benefits that most of our users have chosen as their package, can be the ideal solution for you too.

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Our experienced bankers are at your disposal. Let's find the most appropriate solution for you together.

Masterata – instalments

Step into the new world of shopping! Use Masterata and enjoy shopping with a number of benefits.

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Our experienced bankers are at your disposal. Let's find the most appropriate solution for you together.

We have prepared several more beneficial offers for you

We offer you a range of products and services that make life better and easier

When you know to see the forest from the tree

Join us in the fight against climate change!

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E-bank, the bank only a click away!

All daily transactions are available at your computer without necessity of leaving your home or dealing with unnecessary paperwork. Not only will you exchange money at a more favourable exchange rate 24/7, but we’ll grant you overdraft and cash loan online and simply.

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OTP web application, account overview

Cash loans

OTP web aplikacija, pregled kredita

Personal finance

OTP application, overview of payments

Online banking

OTP web application

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Notice on how to file a complaint to the service provider

Complaint management policy

Send us a complaint

Talk to us! Ask, suggest, tell me what you think, recommend – the answer will soon wait for you in your inbox. You can also send your complaint by email to prigovori@otpbanka.rs

Code of Ethics

An Ethical Violation can be reported to the Compliance Directorate as follows:

An Ethical Violation can also be reported anonymously.


Code of Ethics
Partner Code of Ethics

Ethics reports and whistleblowing reports at the level of the OTP Group can be found here.

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