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  • Safe and fast
  • Bank availability 24h
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Today, when the time is the most expensive resource, modern companies and entrepreneurs require e-banking support on day-to-day basis.

E-banking advantages

E- banking, certainly is the simplest mode of executing transactions in daily payment operations.
You can have a complete insight into your accounts and finances from your office or home without any time limitations; you may pay your bills, transfer assets from one account to another, and check turnovers on account.
Professional personnel and modern technological support of OTP banka will respond to your requirements and save your precious time.

E-banking is a modern programme product enabling you with payment operation transactions from your office or home and without a visit to the bank.

E-banking advantages:

  • Bank availability 24h, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • No time limit access into account
  • Immediate realization of payment operation orders
  • Advance value date fixing when sending orders
  • Monitoring account balance in different time periods
  • No additional commission for executed payment operations