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E bank

  • Minimum costs
  • Registration for SMS service is free of charge
  • OTP direkt
otp direkt


Internet e-channel of OTPdirekt services enables you a comfortable, safe and simple way to execute financial transactions. All you need is a computer, Internet access and an active OTPdirekt Internet service which you can activate at any branch of OTP banka Srbija.

m banking


Use services of OTP banka Srbija anywhere, anytime, regardless of working hours, with minimum costs!


SMS Notifications

Now, you can get the most important information in the fastest way –via SMS service of our Bank. In a matter of seconds you will getthe information on expected payment, on realized disbursement or on current balance on your current and FX accounts as well as on your card accounts.All you need is any type of mobile telephone and an application for SMS service that you can get at any counter of our Bank.