• Make time for you!
  • Make money in dinars or foreign currency!


Term-deposit your liquid assets under favorable terms and conditions at OTP banka Srbija, for a period of time you choose, both in dinars and foreign currency, using the following types of term-deposits:

  • Special-purpose term-deposits – as collaterals for granted placements (loans, guarantees and the like)
  • Non-purpose term deposits – as a possibility to deposit free cash on the Bank’s account for a certain period of time, at a certain interest rate.

In case of non-purpose term-deposits, OTP banka Srbija has not defined maximum and minimum amount of term-deposit funds, whereas the interest rate amount depends of the amount of deposited funds and term-deposit period.
Besides term-deposits, OTP banka Srbija also grants favorable interest rates for sight deposits and overnight deposits.
Furthermore, OTP banka Srbija has prepared a special offer for depositing of term-deposits, sight deposits and overnight deposits for local self-governments.
Visit us at a branch near you and take advantage of competitive interest rates and safe saving conditions.
In case you need additional information, please contact the Call Center.