Code of Ethics


Dear Reader,

" The OTP Banka Srbija a.d. Novi Sad has developed into inevitable participant of banking market of the Republic of Serbia. Its stability, balanced operation and wide range of services and products make its results outstanding, while the increasingly competitive environment and the diversity that is characteristic of a multinational banking group OTP banka belongs to, represent a challenge both the management and all of its employees.

The most important factor underlying our success and achievements so far – being the token of our future at the same time – lies in the good business relations we have developed with our clients. It should also be noted that our success would be inconceivable without the committed work of our highly skilled and creative employees acting and behaving in line with our high standards of ethics. One of the Bank's key requirements towards its employees is that they attach the utmost importance to moral and professional integrity and that they strive to meet the highest moral and professional standards during their day-to-day activities.

Shareholder value is one of the most important factors in the Bank's operations, along with working towards the highest possible levels of profitability and efficiency, managing risks and achieving full compliance with external regulations.

The Bank and its management are fully committed to ensuring observance of all relevant legislation, including anti-corruption statutes. The Bank and its management have adopted the principle of zero tolerance towards corruption and bribery, taking a definite stance against all forms of corruption and giving full support to the fight against corruption.

Equally important is for the Bank to make sure that the transparency and prudentiality principles are applied and fully observed in the course of its activities. We believe that the practices of ethical operation contribute significantly to the continuous improvement of the Bank's performance, competitiveness and its recognition both in the country and abroad; therefore we apply all means available to maintain and raise our standards of ethics.

Accordingly, the Bank provides information not only on its strategic objectives and activities for the public on a regular basis, but also on its guidelines concerning business ethics, as is summed up and elaborated in its Code of Ethics. "

Mr. Laszlo Wolf
President of the Executive Board

Reporting ethical offences

Reporting ethical offences - One of the objectives of ethical regulation is to encourage the voluntary observation of the prescribed conduct and to increase the awareness and the general acceptance of ethical rules. To realize these objectives, it is important to discuss and communicate ethical issues and cases within the Company. In case any suspected ethical offence, it is our common interest that the person detecting the offence report it. Ethical offences may be reported in the following manner:

Ethics reports may be submitted verbally and in writing.

- Verbal ethics reports may be made:

  • in person, during working hours at the Compliance and Security Directorate;
  • between 8:00 a.m. - 16:00 p.m. from Monday through Friday via the Bank’s Ethics Hotline (+21 48 00 865).

- Written ethics reports may be filed:

  • by mail, addressed to the Compliance and Security Directorate (Bulevar oslobođenja 80, 21000 Novi Sad.)
  • by e-mail to